18 February 2012


Lyme negative are the most beautiful two words I have heard since our life turned upside down in June, but they are words being used in reference to Thane!

Its been a very long, hard journey that at times I was not sure which end was up and which down- or if Thane was going to be able to guide in all scenarios when the end actually came to pass- but its happened and he is at my side to stay for a while longer anyway.

A transition like this is interesting. To me, its more like remission as having had Lyme for about two years prior to diagnosis means there is potential for relapse through cyst forms. Cyst forms are able to hide from most antibiotic therapy. I'm not overly concerned since there are plans for a prevention protocol- one element of which can be used both preventatively and as part of a treatment protocol. Its capable of busting cysts as well. The supplement regimen will be continued. Homeopathy regimen if needed since it is about more than just Lyme.

For now though, I'm experiencing something I did not know when, if ever I would. I have the guide at my side that I had way back in the first week of June 2009 before he was bit by the tick, albeit a little thin in coat, but that will come in time.

Now when I head out with Thane, I'm not thinking so much about multiple approaches to deal with my disabilities- Thane is back in top form. There's no more concerns about whether or not he will be able to guide me in all situations. I don't have to think about what the weather is like or if its too late and we might be heading home after dark or any of that.

When I want to head out and do something- we just do!

Of course I've suspected for a few weeks that he was now negative, but having the test results on my computer confirming what I thought to be the case is just awesome.

I have previous experience working a combo trained service dog with chronic health needs. Its not the path I would have chosen for him and its certainly not the path I wanted for Thane. Today though, despite knowing that this could relapse, I still feel this sort of victory in that though we had a long haul to get where we are, it is not going to predict our future or put limitations on the way I live my life with him at my side. It really is a special feeling to have so much be past tense. No more seizures, no more falling off curbs or running into walls, no more wandering lameness, or skin so fragile that a shower causes it to peel away if oil isn't massaged into the skin. This and so much more are in the past and tomorrow is just that- a day when we can do whatever we please without worrying about what symptoms might rear their ugly face!

Boy isn't this just awesome pawsome!

14 February 2012

The Status with Thane

Much improvement has taken place in my wonderful sidekick. We are learning how to work with his energy. I'm finding keeping him busy and further training do help.

Presently the only symptom that is identifiable is the hair growth in progress. This is one of those symptoms that just takes time. With as multi-system devastating as it was before his diagnosis. I find this just amazing that we are at this juncture- getting our life back. I am eagerly anticipating his results to follow-up testing. My heart believes they will read NEGATIVE. The vet concurs with my feeling by seeing him.

Its still pretty amazing to me how this can devastate a life- how smart this bacterium really is. I know it will take a while before I will really relax and not be looking for symptoms from any possible cyst forms that took advantage of antibiotic free territory to wreak havoc again.

I'm getting ahead of myself now though- we still have to get the test results that tell us its time to celebrate smile