04 June 2011

Its the Little Things that Tip the Scale

As a person living with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), shopping online has set me free to shop independently from my very own living room (often times with much minimal toxicity) There are definitely the good companies that try hard to go the extra mile for me- places like Filters-Now and Purely Pets are the two that I can think of right off the top of my head. Knowing my needs Filters-Now goes above and beyond what most would do- double boxing my filters to protect them from the UPS drivers toxicity. It actually began when someone in the warehouse double boxed things once. From then on, I requested that. Many places will charge out of this world shipping charges if they do fulfil such a need for a client. Not only are they always happy to help in this manner, but what is even better is they do not send me smelly ads or catalogues via snail mail.

Some other awesome companies I deal with are Dr Natura, iherb, and Amazon. None of these companies use toxic packaging (to me) and they also do not send me smelly ads or catalogues.

I have my list of companies I will never shop with again though. These companies not only have been asked on numerous occasions by both snail mail and email to remove me from their mailing lists due to toxic mailings and the fact that being blind I can not read them anyway, but they have chosen not to comply. Two of the companies I used ONLY for Chimette, my previous service dog. I have not ordered anything from them since August 2007. They still send me their catalogue and sales monthly. Following Mets passing, this just poured salt in the wound- they still to this day will not remove me and I still must deal with their toxic mailings.

Ironically one of the most toxic mailings I get (at least to me) comes from a company built around organics (Lifekind). I have not ordered from them since 2001 and like the others no amount of letter writing by snail or email gets them to comply. All of these companies jeopardize my health EVERY time they send me a catalogue. Not only are the papers and inks they use toxic for me, but they gather further toxicity through the mail system. Something is very wrong when a company continues to send catalogues to a person for years after their last order and multiple requests for removal are ignored. I've tried the mail address to cease unwanted junk mail, but another interesting ironic twist is that after writing there, the junk mail increased! Who wants to get sick just because they got the mail!

There are also some companies that I used to absolutely love. Their packing material was simply paper and then with no notice they changed to styrofoam (a profound sensitivity of mine that can send me to ER) Multiple emails went unanswered as to why the change and whether or not this was to be the permanent change or just for certain items, but most especially if they would be willing to pack differently on my orders. As a result of this, some long loved companies have entered the *never order from* list as well. It saddens me that the customers needs and requests are not always met with the kind of attitude I get from Filters-Now and Purely Pets.

I continue to seek out companies who do not shower me with toxic ads and catalogues; companies who listen to my shipping needs and show that they care by providing me with safe packaging. They truly are the greatest!

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