04 December 2012

Thank you Chimette

Today you would have been 16 years old. I find myself thinking about the silly quirks you had today. I dunno why- perhaps because they were funny. Like how you loved to roo roo roo when I was playing with you what a ham

Today I am grateful for the lessons taught but also for the fact that your suffering is no longer. There will always be moments of missing you- afterall you were the one who showed me that I actually could train my own service dog.

You were a great first dog for me to have to work with and train but on those days when I am struggling in my work with Thane, people remind me of just how many days like that were in our partnership too- funny how I don't remember those! vbg

There are lots of things I could thank you for today, but I guess the one I appreciate the most is how you let me see through you and kept me safe until I was really ready for the world on my own.

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  1. This was beautiful!

    Phoenix would have also been 16 this year, but in October, so he was a bit older than Met.