01 August 2013

A Treasured Moment

Thane is a Border Collie- a herding dog from championship herding and agility lines. The result of this has impacted a number of things in our life, but one of the funniest and also most aggravating at times has been how he relates to the ball when we play.

Met was a Border Collie mix and had herding instincts, but nothing like what I have experienced with Thane!

When I first got Thane, he really did not know how to play with me. I had to show him to spike his interest. Play was to be on his terms- meaning in his way.

Sometimes his way is with the ball placed beside or even under my chair, but more often than not, it is left in some conspicuous place followed by Thane herding me to its vicinity expecting me to collect it.

Training Thane to perform a working retrieve was difficult, but very successful in the end, but training him to do likewise with his ball-- get out of here! LOL

I never gave up though


every once in a while

Thane approaches me, ball in mouth

placing it in my hand.

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