21 December 2013

This One Takes the Cake on Interference

Thane has struggled a lot lately, but we are back in the saddle so to speak again. I have never been more grateful for having my dog working well as I am today. The motto, never give in to a vet. After Met and now his history, I feel like Vets are there to ruin our partnerships, not to keep them healthy and together.

Anyway-- enough of that grin

We are busy doing shopping like most everyone is this time of year-- from food to miscellaneous shopping errands for him and me.

Today I was unsure if I wanted to go to Winco or Whole Foods. I need to do both, but in the end decided it was best to do Winco today. We got a train really quickly which was fantastic.

Thane and I headed off for Winco walking our normal back neighborhood route. He was working fantastic and I was so proud of him. We were on the final stretch when Thane alerted me to a slow car. The way he alerted told me it was nothing to concern myself with and we were not in a driveway so I just thanked him and carried on.

We continued on not worrying about it.

All of a sudden a car blocked our way entirely. The person got out and from what I could piece together informed me that if I did not respond to her she was calling the police about me because I was not safe.


There was absolutely nothing that she could have witnessed to give her that idea other than the fact that I ignored her being obnoxious down the roadway with me.

I will admit, I probably could have been more polite when she did this to me, but oh my goodness! This is not the dark ages! Disabled people actually do function independently. Contrary to her feelings, we also ignore those being obnoxious or who might possibly be able to pose a threat to us. It's not that we are not aware of their presence. I was very aware, thanks to my wonderful sidekick.

I'm still a bit flabbergasted by her audacity. I mean, those with service dogs are used to pedestrian interference, but this one really takes the cake!

She said some other stuff that I did not follow, but one thing I did get was that I initially did not respond when she told me I had a pretty dog.

My goodness! If I even heard the words from a moving vehicle (NOT), responding to every single person while we are actively working, I'd never have the focus of BOTH of us necessary nor would I ever get anything done.

Thankyou that you like my dog, but enjoy him from afar-- don't block our path and threaten to call the police if I do not acknowledge you and then act like I was a person in danger when all we are doing is smoothly walking on a wonderful sidewalk as a team keeping focus on what we are doing, not your silliness.

Shaking my head


  1. Too Funny! If I had my cane I would have swung it in front of me and look from side to side like "am i truly on the sidewalk the right way?" continue swinging and demand she move. Rude for her to block you just to tell you your dog is beautiful. :-)

  2. I was quite flabergasted by the audacity-- and just to say she'd call police if I did not respond (knowing I was in no danger mind you) Shaking my head
    This one definitely hits the top for the typical interferences I encounter. It was not funny at the time, but it sure is now smile