24 February 2011

Fairy Tales Do Come True

We woke up this morning to snow- not just a trace but snow that Thane could actually play in! This was just awesome pawsome! Thane absolutely loves to play in the snow. He has not been able to play out back since the big freeze in November as its been like a swamp out there. I'm sure this added to the pleasure we both felt.

This year, unlike our norm, anytime it snowed in the area, it bypassed us or was just too warm to stick. There were times when the news talked about all this snow accumulation and it felt like they were sharing fairy tales or recycling old momentos of years past! Though the east coast and midwest would probably gladly ship us some snow from time to time, there's just something special to me to wake up to that white winter wonderland- even if it is the end of February!

Before we could do anything today, the task before me was to shovel out Thane's potty station so he could go busy. After that, we grabbed the football and had a wonderful time leaving football and paw tracks here and there as Thane jumped and lunged this way and that to try and catch his football on the fly.

Thane has a wonderful working retrieve, but when it came to his toys he still wanted to nudge them close to me on the floor or better yet, herd me to where he left the toy. Little by little over the past six months but mostly the last month, Thane has begun to be willing to bring the toy up to me so that I could more easily take it from him. Nowhere was this more clear to me, than this morning as we played in the snow together. 

Though, most of the snow has since melted away as a result of the beautiful sunshine that glistened upon it all day, this morning was filled with special moments, seeing my lil' red head playing in the snow. 

Thane holds his snow covered football for me. His face is covered in snow.

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