01 February 2011

Change of Plans

The sun was finally shining here in the Pacific Northwest. I had big plans for the day. After placing some necessary orders for our monthly needs, we were gonna head out for a long overdo adventure. Well, that was the plan, but sometimes plans get interrupted. 

Thane was bothered during the night so we had to readjust our plans for the day. A bath instead of an adventure and our first splendid order to Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow is going to have to wait to ship until this monstrocity of a storm across the nation decides to die down. If I have learned anything through my life with two sensitive Border Collie guides, it is that life can be unpredictable, deliver punches you had not expected, and you just have to learn to go with the flow.

Rather than a fun trip out and about, I was lathering up Thane in a nice blend of shampoo and conditioner- something he was not very fond about taking place. From there it was domestic tasks, further orders, and being grateful for a company that considers the weather before shipping out our perishable goods.

Though we were not able to venture out today, the beautiful sunshine beaming through our door uplifted the spirits of days past brought on by this excessively wet winter. One step outside however and the chill made me grateful that a needed bath had changed our day from one of adventures to one of home necessities.

Now we await our goodie box (if the weather lets up)!

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