31 March 2011

Christie Keith on Border Collies

I just had to share this awesome article that Christie Keith wrote as a columnist for the SF Gate. It says everything I have been trying to convey here about the versatility of the breed, but in a much better way!

For those who do not know Christie Keith, she writes for Pet Connection blog, Your Whole Pet for the SF Gate, at one point was the list owner of the Beyond Vaccination list on yahoogroups, and has a lot of awesome common sense when it comes to our dogs health needs as seen on her website.

Hope you all enjoy the article, The Smartest Dogs in the World as much as I did.

1 comment:

  1. This was a fun article. There's a demonstration of herding every year at a festival nearby, and the woman always starts by saying, "These are border collies, and they make terrible pets." She wants people to know they NEED a job.