19 March 2011

Third ADBC Coming Soon

The Third Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is coming. I started this blog in part so I could participate in these blog carnivals.

For those who are unaware of the ADBC, it was created by my very good friend Sharon at After Gadget. We've gone through a lot of ups and downs over the years from our disabilities and losses, but I am grateful to say we have each other. 

Anyway- If you are reading this, and curiosity has come over you check out About the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

This next carnival is on Reactions. For more information on this carnival take a look at the hosts blog here

There are so many things I could write about along this topic that I'm not really sure where to begin. A part of me wants to stick with my partnership with Thane in writing this- let bygones be bygones as they say. Another part however wants to be a little bit courageous; not be concerned what those in the Assistance Dog community might say when they hear how *defective* Met was as he continued to work a job that we all knew he would pretty much die the day it was over. Do I be the courageous one laying the groundwork for a book yet to come, or do I focus on another area that has turned me into not only a better trainer, but a better handler of this BC at my side. 

I dont have much time to start putting pen to paper so to speak, so I'm right back on the last topic of the ADBC, that of *Decisions* grin

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