04 July 2011

Bah Humbug on Celebrations

Call me unpatriotic if you wish, but I think fireworks were the worst creation mankind ever came up with. This neighborhood used to be relatively peaceful. A few firecrackers would go off after dark on the 4th of July and New Years Eve but nothing extravagant. Then we got new neighbors across the way this spring and all hell has broken loose! Not only has it become fireworks haven even before it turns dark, but its like a block party over there.

Yesterday on our way home from Winco we barely could get to our crossing point to come into our complex for all the vehicles parked on the side of our narrow road. I knew we were in trouble when that was happening, but sorta wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt at the moment. I mean afterall yesterday was not the 4th of July- YET.

Last night was no picnic. Starting around 11PM about every fifteen to twenty minutes fireworks went off. This went on until after 2AM. If I knew who was doing it believe me I would have called the cops. Being deafblind though has huge disadvantages when it comes to reporting illegal activity or disturbing the peace situations. We slept in this morning to make up for the disturbed sleep, but I knew the worst was yet to come. I guess after all my experiences with this guy and his burning and his teenage behavior in his go-cart running up and down the street this spring and summer, I pretty much know what he is like now.

I was not to be mistaken. This evening's fireworks and commotion are bad. During one of the incidents, Thane had his mutt muffs on and they did absolutely no good. We were being silly and playing while he wore them or shook them off his ears to around his neck- nope they don't work well on all head shapes. That was a waste of money and a years detox process.

Though Thane settled down after the first few stopped, I believe I have possibly lost him to the bedroom or bathroom for the night now. I hate what this is doing to him this year. They've always bothered him a little, but not like this. Before anyone tells me to try desensitization with him or train my way through it, that ain't gonna cut it. You see one of Thane's Lyme symptoms is heightened sound reactivity. It mostly effects that unexpected occurence- you know like we're playing ball or doing a task of other nature and then out of the blue pop, pop, pop or boom or whatever other sounds they make. Since I don't hear them, only his reaction tells me they are going off  unless they are like a couple of them that I actually felt go off.

The only thing I can do at this point is ignore him and let him do what he must to get through this night as unscathed as possible. I already cranked the air purifier, closed the front blind, and pulled out Met's white noise box. Its cleaned up and running on high. I never thought I would need that for Thane. Something tells me I better go find some movies to tide us over tonight as this could be one long night.

Next year I want to go to California for the holiday!

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