01 July 2011

Our Crazy Saga of a Day

Our day of rest yesterday turned into me doing our post winter potty station cleanup in preparation for power washing of patios yesterday afternoon. I tried not to think about the consequences of it all while doing it, but boy I felt it last night and today! I was glad that was behind me, but like I said it was supposed to be a rest day.

Today we had to get to the bank and then back to the vet to sort out treatment for Thane's Lyme disease. I was grateful I woke up early enough that we could get out the door before the heat really hit for Thane. I knew doing both these errands could spell trouble for Thane's allergies and fatigue issues so other than his first morning walk routine to the bus, I wanted to keep extra walking to a minimum. Intentions were good- reality was not so much that way.

We boarded the bus to a driver who knows us well. I told her where I wanted her to be sure to let me off. Last week she missed our stop after assuring me she would get us there. Due to the one way street layout, inaccessible walk signal buttons, and non-ADA compliant bus stops in conjunction with ramp designed buses, we had to go to the max stop to get a safe enough place to de-board. It was nice and we have done that walk back to Winco before, but it was not essential- if you know what I mean.

Today I happened to get the same driver. I told her where we needed off and she assured me she would get us there. What do you know? She passed our stop again and then accused me of falling asleep! I wanted to bite her head off because today of all days we did not need this. Not only did she pass our stop, but there was no sidewalk for us to travel back on the roadway. She said it was wide and called the ramp a little steep. Her idea of a little steep leaves much to be desired! It was so steep that Thane had to grip the ramp tread to keep himself slow enough to safely guide me down. Once we got down, I was relieved to be in one piece. The next part got even hairier though. Her idea of wide shoulder and mine while working with a guide dog greatly differ. Thane did great but there was this problem- the cars turning right from the street we were headed for. These cars turn right into the path we were on. Thane must have done four or five traffic checks before some driver had the courtesy to wait for us to get up on the curb to cross the street. The next crossing we had to make the walk signal was completely unreachable so we had to go with the cars without a walk signal. Boy was I glad when we got to the bank in one piece!

Heading home, I had a different driver. He was really great though I don't recall him from any past bus rides. I judged the time well and reminded him about five minutes before we got to our stop, but he had remembered it any way. Sometimes one can judge the time like this, but when its busy and the bus loses time, its impossible for a  DB person to know how close you might be because the GPS street announcer (if you can even hear it at all) is so distorted, there is no way you can tell what it is saying.

The vet was swamped today. They had been all week evidently. She had tried to fax me something today and it failed because I was not expecting it, nor was I even home to get it. In the end, we used one of the other workers as a bit of a go between (between the vet and myself) to get things sorted out to start Thane's treatment process for Lyme.

One thing that was so funny was that I was sitting kind of in a corner today because there was not room for our typical setup when we got there. The gal who was helping us, thought I left Thane home. She was trying to find out when I was going to bring him and I did not understand what she was saying as some of those dogs were so noisy! It seemed like Thane was the only dog with training at all. Anyway things quieted down when she came back the next time to talk with me at which point when she asked that question again, I pointed down beside me saying, he's right here. She looked over the counter and was shocked at his quietude. We got the fresh weight they needed on him just to be precise for his prescription, then we got to head home.

We were going to shortcut it home, but irregardless of what route we took, we had to use the crosswalk with no walk signal. It has flashing lights for the cars to stop. This crosswalk is usually uneventful, but not so today! Boy, Thane must have gotten tired of traffic checking me today!

After washing Thane down for his allergies, he took a nice long nap while I dealt with setting up my fax and the subsequent issues in providing payment information to the compounding pharmacy.We played a bit afterwards and in short intervals here and there throughout the afternoon, but honestly I see how zapped he gets now and hope that his meds get here sooner than I anticipate them to.

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