14 May 2013

Help Wanted: ADBC for July

I signed up to do the July ADBC before I moved. I have some concerns about being able to handle this independently in my current situation with the increased EMFS issues. I DO NOT want to relinquish this carnival to someone else.

I plan to post the carnival much earlier so that I can do as much as possible independently; however, there are still some blogs, that I can not read for various reasons. One of the biggest is my photosensitivity. As hard as bloggers try to make it accessible for all when doing their posts for the ADBC, some are still inaccessible to me.

Because of these issues, I am looking for an assistant who has participated in the carnival before. My hope is that I will be able to do it independently, but should I need help, having someone who can read blogs inaccessible to me, providing a synopsis of the topic would be just awesome pawsome!

Anyone interested, can post a comment to this blog entry


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    1. I appreciate the offer Brooke. It seems like lots of folks were interested in helping me make this a success grin