26 July 2013

The Twelfth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

The Twelfth ADBC has concluded. I was excited to be hosting the July carnival. With July being such a special month for me with both my dogs transitioning to service dogs during this month, I just wanted this to be a great experience for me in sharing with you the partnerships I have had while also learning a little more about yours.

Though the outcome hasn't been what I anticipated probably due to the busy summer months, I hope you will all enjoy the submissions. Happy Reading!

L-Squared writes about the concept of being considered her guide's mom in her post Handler or Mom No matter which side of the coin you sway towards on this topic, it is a very thought provoking piece of writing by L-Squared.

I wrote two posts (one for each of my partnerships)

In Changing a Life, I write about just how dramatically my first combo service dog, Chimette (AKA Met) changed me as a person as we figured alternative ways to do basic foundation together-- bonding in the process, training, and working our tenure together until it was his time to go.

I changed a lot as a person, trainer, combo trained handler from the start of Met's life with me to the development of my partnership with Thane. In It's All About the Hard Traffic Check I share about the event that gave me the knowledge and confidence that we were no longer training, but a guide dog team.

I hope you enjoyed the posts. Next time it'll probably have a lot more variety when people are settled back into their normal routines.


  1. Did I miss the deadline? For some reason I had carnival deadline tonight.Is it to late to submit?

  2. IThe deadline was July 25th but go ahead and submit it and I can update the post with your entry


    1. I would have loved to be able to enjoy your post, but unfortunately this post had too many inaccessible features for me in the form of multiple videos and photos without alt text or transcripts provided. It was also to graphic for loading completely.
      Guidelines to help with accessibility are found on post Announcing the Twelfth ADBC for accessibility guidelines

    2. That page doesn't come up now, but I did read those guidelines. I didn't understand they were required. I would like to put text with photos, but I didn't understand how to. I am older (60) so I didn't have the luxury of computers in school. Everything is self taught, and I am not good with a lot of technical stuff. It may sound easy to most people, but I still have not figured out how to do this. I am still working full-time and haven't had time to figure out the instructions on how to do it. I struggle to get through a work week and battle MS fatigue 24/7, so learning something new usually takes me longer than most people.

      I was surprised to get a lot of hits even though I started my blog thinking I would be mainly journalling to myself as I didn't expect anyone to want to read it. However, I did hope that someone finding it as difficult as I did--starting to train their own service dog--might find something in my experiences helpful. I understand if it is not what you are looking for in your carnival & you don't want to include it Thank you for making your blog available to people. I apologize for not following the guidelines. I will try to learn how to do this in the future as I do want to be more accessible.

  4. I appreciate your further information. I deal with multiple disabilities and illnesses myself so can understand. I learned computers on my own too but at a much younger age vbg I can't imagine working like you do and living with MS AMAZING!
    The problem for me to include your entry has nothing to do with what I expected for entries, but that I physically could not load your blog entry completely or navigate through much of what did load. For a host to include the entry, they need to read it grin. If you want to give me a short synopsis of what it is about, then I can include it in the carnival- how about that?
    Maybe I can help you learn some new things if you are interested If you are using blogger I can tell you how to do photo alt text with them. If not, maybe someone else in the carnival can help out. Some people have experience with blogger, others with wordpress so plenty of people to ask for input.
    Many who have blogs have very busy blogs like it seems yours is. When they post to the carnival, they tone them down graphically. Perhaps one video or one or two pictures that have been addressed for accessibility while the rest is text they wrote.
    I usually start my entries as soon as I hear about the carnival and work on them a little bit each week because I deal with a lot of issues with stamina and energy. Maybe that approach would help you.