02 July 2013

Announcing the Twelfth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

Through a Guide's Eyes, invites you to participate in the Twelfth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival.

 It's hard to believe we have hit a dozen carnivals!  I may be under the weather, but with your help, I aim to pull this off since both the month (July) and the topic are very close to my heart for both of my boys smile

If you are unfamiliar with the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, you can visit Sharon's  blog entry About the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival to learn more about it.

You do not have to be partnered with an assistance dog to participate. Perhaps you've been a puppy raiser, watched a friends' or siblings partnership blossom, maybe you are currently on a waiting list, or became a home for a retired assistance dog- all of you are invited to participate.

And the topic is:


There are many things one can write about regarding this topic. Just a few examples to get you all going (use your imaginations grin)

What does the term Partnership mean to you? What has made/ broken a partnership? When did you know you truly had a partnership (not just a green dog or trainee)?  What equipment helped to change/ save your partnership?

As you can see by these examples, there are many ways to look at Partnership.

This is a very special month for me, being that both my trainees became service dogs in the month of July. I hope that this carnival, will as well, be a very special one.

Due to my present health limitations, I request those who are able to submit your entries early rather than waiting until the last minute. Late submissions would be difficult for me. Submitting your entries early will allow me the time needed to read your entries and finalize the carnival.

You can help all participating (especially me) if you take a look at your blogs for these accessibility factors:

Have you turned captcha off so everyone can comment on your posts

Have you checked your blogs for flashing  imagery (some hosts add these seasonally without the bloggers' knowledge) by turning these off, you make your blog accessible to me and others with seizure and vision disorders

Are you using background and text colors that are easy to read

If you have included photos, did you add alternative text?

If you are using videos (prefer you do not), are they clear, or could they be a trigger for individuals with seizure disorders, vertigo/ nausea issues ? Have you included a transcript of the video?

These are just some areas where you can make your blogs more accessible

You can submit your entries by adding a  comment to this entry or by emailing them to me bcpaws4me at gmail dot com

Submissions due: July 25, 2013

Happy blogging everyone 


  1. I look forward to reading it
    I tried to access your blog three times and every time it froze my computer. I'd appreciate it if your submission is less graphic in nature so I can read it vbg

  2. Here's my post (one anyway) for the blog carnival. C'mon guys lets see those submissions!

    Name: Karyn and Thane
    Blog: Through a Guide's Eyes
    Post: It's All About the Hard Traffic Check

  3. I've written a second post for the ADBC. I actually started this one first.

    Name: Karyn and Thane
    Blog: Through a Guide's Eyes
    Post: Changing a Life

    I'm eager to read others posts, so please consider submitting one vbg

  4. Well, as usual, I don't totally like how my rambling post for the ADBC has turned out, but I didn't want to hang onto it until the last minute. So, here ya go...

    My name is L-Squared
    My blog is just called L-Squared.Org
    So the URL for it is:
    My carnival post is called: Handler or Mom
    And the URL for it is:

    Thanks for hosting!

  5. What a wonderful post. I loved it! It is so right on in how we work together as teams in our partnerships.
    I am really sorry you missed the posting for entries. I have a feeling this occurred because very few follow me on twitter and I am only on onevery small guide dog list.
    I am so glad you found it though and submitted.
    If you know anyone else who might want to submit, please share with them.