28 January 2011

Happy Woofday My Lil' Man

Today my wonderful sidekick, Thane is 4 Woofdays Old. It just does not seem like this could be possible- like has time really flown that fast? I have to admit though that despite some of our ups and downs, lately I feel like I am working more with a seasoned guide than the *green* dog of earlier times. 

It's comfortable- the way we walk together as one unit flowing almost seamlessly.  The way we often read each others' minds reminds me of the latter years working with his predecessor. Tthe faith I now have and feel in Thane- well it is a special kind of feeling to realize that no matter what is going on, how he or you are feeling, that he knows your life is in his hands and there is nothing to fear. I can say that because I have total confidence in the training I have put into him.
So one might ask what you give a four year old Border Collie who loves to play, play, play- well more toys of course! We slept in this morning, played hookie from life to play with new toys, and welcomed eight new puppies into the world- OK we did that welcoming last night when we learned his co-breeders, now breeding independently again, had a litter of healthy frisky Border Collie puppies yesterday- 6 Boys and 2 Girls. 

And NO, Thane IS NOT getting a puppy for his woofday! LOL

All this fun and kidding aside, leaves me reflecting on the training and aging process. I know there will be a day in not too many more years, when it will be time to start thinking about youth again. For now though I want to just basque in the enjoyment of working with a more seasoned guide that I totally trust.

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