08 April 2011

The Comical Side of Thane

Thane is on a raw diet. I feed him in his crate each morning. He receives Nupro Supplement (yeast free form) in a small bowl. It mixes up with water as a gravy which he laps up readily. Lately I have been giving him Tripett as well which makes the Nupro all that much more appealing to him.

This morning was no different than any other morning really. I gave Thane his probi. I made up his Nupro gravy and put the tripett in the bowl with it. I then grabbed his roast and headed to his crate with Thane dancing excitedly awaiting the wonderful morsels of Tripett.

Once the finish was just about licked off the bowl, he promptly sat down as if to tell me he was done. I told him to eat his roast. He acted as if he was thinking very hard about something for a moment. A couple minutes later, he again sat down claiming to be done. During those couple moments, he had picked up his bowl and sat it on top of his roast- All done mom!

It reminded me of those childhood years of scattering things around on the plate or hiding them in the napkin so as to not eat them. It was just too funny. After I rolled away to do morning chores, he did eat his roast with no further antics.

This will be a memory I won't readily forget-- my four year old acting just like I would have at four, five, six years of age.

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