13 April 2011

Peaceful Haven

The other night I had this most remarkable dream- you know the kind; the ones that you wish weren't just dreams when you awoke to life as it is in the morning.

In my dream, I lived in this remarkable place. It was a beautiful MCS safe home with a one floor layout plan. There were no carpets, no toxic press board drawers, cupboards, or shelves. All of these were either glass or stainless steel. There was beautiful flooring double sealed with a safe sealer I did not react to. All the wall corners had these awesome stainless corner guards. Door ways were so wide that the doors had to be custom made but they allowed for ease of entrance and even allowed me to enter my home with my guide dog in harness.

The property was huge- I mean I could train my dogs LLW and harness work by merely walking around the grounds various routes this way and that on the sidewalk pathways. Instead of real grass which takes a lot of maintenance and I am highly sensitive to, much of the grounds were covered in artificial turf of high quality. There was a wonderful area for agility and other dog sports as well as courts for staff to play raquet sports, basketball, and a full track. There were five additional cottage apartments detached from each other with ample separate fenced yard areas for care workers and groundskeepers at a distance from the main house.

My home had three washers and dryers- one set in a separate wing that could be used exclusively for toxic clothing, new item de-toxification and the like. This wing also had a separate entrance from the main entrance so that toxic items could be taken in this way before entering the main home. There was even an additional fully equipped accessible shower for bathing before entrance into the main home. Though it had a separate entrance, there was an airlock set up that allowed for entrance into the main house once toxicity had been handled.

The pantry was so huge, we could probably have done agility courses in there. The entire place was set up with central de-humidification and air purification- despite it being in a much drier climate than this rain central USA climate we now live in.

This awesome home was located in a remote area with mountain and ocean  fresh air. There were wide sidewalk pathways that went right down to the private beach and waters edge so that I could enjoy this as much as any ambulatory person can.

Thane was with me of course, but slowing into retirement at the age of twelve. He had held up well over the years, but it was his time to change focus; helping me to raise the new kids on the block.

And before I forget, this wonderful land and home came with a van service and drivers as well. All staff were MCS savvy and non-toxic to me- their sole jobs were right there in that peaceful haven.Though they rotated shifts and could take vacations from there, no one ever did- who would want to leave such beauty?

Why did I have to wake up?!

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