27 April 2011

The Box Helper

Today I was working in the spare room, paring down extra boxes; collapsing the boxes for recycling as many were either musty, worn out, or I had an excessive quantity and just wanted to be rid of some of them.

This is a huge job for me- to go through anything but most especially to get large boxes out to recycling. I must have had at least five large ones and plenty more of smaller more managable sizes.

When all the sorting was through, it was time for Thane's role. He hadn't had much work this week so I knew he would be eager to help out with this task. Once dressed and boxes loaded, we headed out the door for our first trip. Sometimes when he has not had enough work, he can be a bit over-enthusiastic. Its interesting to me though that when we have a load, he is always really slow and cautious as we walk to the garbage and recycling. Today was no different as he slowly maneuvered our way towards the recycling, laid down nicely while I unloaded all the big boxes and then took me on home, with a bit more speed and pull, for the next load. After a few loads in the rain, we finished off with a rewarding game of fetch.

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