01 May 2011

Saving Lives or Harming Them for the Long-Haul

After my first partnership was limited at best by severe vaccinosis, I don't hesitate to speak my mind with people- especially those who are completely oblivious and believe that vets would not administer vaccines if they were not safe. My partnership with Met and even the early part of my partnership with Thane prove otherwise.

I've read countless articles, books, and anything I could get my hands on over the years as I worked on changing my own mindset about vaccines. That is that they do far more harm than good for both people and our animals. I honestly would rather lose my dog from one of the diseases that we are indoctrinated to vaccinate against rather than to have them go through a decade of torture before the vaccines finally make it impossible to rally back.

Today on a vaccine list, I read a link that had been shared for an amazing article, The Purdue Vaccination Studies and Auto-Antibodies by Catherine O'Driscoll author of  the books, What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines and Shock to the System (both superb books and for my print disabled followers both are available on bookshare). If everyone could take this data to heart, shout it from the rooftops, stand up to vets who continue to do booster vaccines- or better yet to those who want to vaccinate their healthy puppy in the first place, life for our dogs could be so different.

My gut feeling is that after reading this article, if you aren't ready to do away with vaccines (and change your current vet if need be), then to me it feels like you are saying *First Do Harm* instead of *First Do No Harm*. I learned the hard way just how harmful vaccines can be when I watched my beautiful service dog fade away after booster vaccinations. I can't go through that again- nor will I. The lesson plan took- I learned exactly what I needed to through Chimette's journey. I hope you don't ever have to walk a journey like that.

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