29 May 2011


Thane and I hit the road this morning. It was our first outing in over a week- the first one since nearly getting hit. I kept him in his old harness but discovered his rain coat can be used with it- YEAH!

We had a nice long walk to the bus. Thane's pull in harness for the most part was perfect which I really liked seeing. He did not appear sound reactive which was a surprise to me after he was home in solitude for so long. I opted to use my guide cane for boarding and de-boarding on the buses to keep pressure off of Thane's chest and belly areas which the steep ramp climb would cause. The drivers were good ones who are always patient with me so it worked out well.

Thane really was working great. Neither of us had even a bobble on the crossing that caused our skin issues last week. Thane's work in the store was pretty right on also. It was a bit busy in the produce department but it appeared to not be a day filled with senior citizens who couldn't get out of the way if a freight train were barreling down on them. I hate that kind of situation as there is not a lot of room in that area for us to navigate- and people would rather gaze at my dog, talk to my dog or expect me to just jump over them than move. They have just as much right to be there as us- its just we can't shop well in that situation so I was relieved when today was better.

By the time we checked out and were heading back to the max, I was really feeling it. I can't use the tilt right now so the pain that it diminishes had to just stay- added to that pain though was the pain from sitting on skin that wasn't really ready to be sat on- at least not in the position I am forced to sit in for transportation and working with Thane.

I was glad when we got the max, then the bus and then especially when our stop came up. We were almost home and I could go back to sitting screwy so my skin could get a break.

I am especially glad to have all the new produce though. I'd been without smoothies for two days and I was feeling the ramifications. Our trip there a week ago was not a full shopping. I did not realize it was going to be the last trip we took in over a week- had I realized that, I definitely would have bought more. Of course no one plans to almost get creamed by an idiot either grin

Back home- while Thane snoozed produce was sorted, meat was split up for meals to get Thane through until pay day, and a smoothie was made- AHHHHH smoothies never tasted or felt so good!

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