21 May 2011

Hard Traffic Check

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest. In my town the temperature got to 77 degrees! It was positively gorgeous- a wonderful day for a pleasurable outing.

Thane and I got started a bit later than I had planned to. Having had to stop the Pet GO for medical reasons, Thane was working alright with a few reminders. We caught the bus to the max and hit the nature trail. It was beautiful. We truly enjoyed ourselves there. We made a quick stop at New Seasons along the route home where we encountered one of those people behind the wheel that make every guide dog handler grateful for the training their guide has. We came about as close to roadkill as we ever have in our training and partnership.

Thane did the most awesome traffic check! True to his training he assured that I was able to stop and he was able to block me without  getting run over. To accomplish this however required some significant torque with the handle and harness. I could care less that it popped a joint in the handle as I always carry a spare one. The sadness to me is the result to Thane's skin while he was so busy saving my hiney from *Mr Hell on Wheels, laws don't apply today because the sun came out* Where are the cops when you need them.

I was rattled a bit. Thane's work was different too. I did not realize until we were waiting for the max that Thane's skin had been impacted by that incident. We took the transit center stop so he did not have to guide me that far for the bus. From there I leash guided on and used my cane to get off the bus. He guided me home alright but we used the shortcut path.

He will be in a different harness for a while giving his skin a chance to heal. There's a time for goofing off and a time for being serious. Behind the wheel is definitely not when its time to goof off. Thane is paying for someones error in judgment.

It could have been worse though- one of us could have been injured by the car or killed. I'm grateful for Thane's quick action.

Today we stay home allowing his skin and my nerves some well needed rest.

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