09 May 2011

Who Is This Dog?

Thane has been transformed! The easiest way to describe it from what I can now see in hindsite is that he was wound tight as a top before. I imagine many Border Collies are that way, but without seeing him calm in this transformation, I could not see that this was the problem plaguing us as a team- plaguing the partnership and even recently making me wonder if retirement might not be a bad thing.

The change- this calming of my lil' redhead came about over a period of three days. You see, recently, after much research on a recommended supplement, I purchased the Pet-Go multi-glandular by My Pets Friend for an addition to Thane's diet. I read a lot of great stuff on this particular manufacturer's glandulars including how it can make a prey model diet more rounded by adding the glands that one would ordinarily have available in the eating of prey in the wild. For those whose immune-systems are over-active these can be an awesome answer to relief. Here's a great piece Glandular Supplements and Glandular Therapy Though I purchased Thane's elsewhere, that short piece gave me awesome answers- especially to the quick fix to his recent histamine reaction from a supplement the eye vet prescribed.

When I received the purchase, drop-shipped from the manufacturer as they all seem to do, it was so heinously toxic to my MCS that I had to glove up, put on my gas mask, go outside and dump the contents of the supplement into a small canning jar at which point I immediately disposed of everything in the dumpster and recycling! It was horrible, but I figured I would let him have them this time and just not order again.

Of course after such a magnificent transformation, my thoughts have greatly changed about it. Now instead of not buying it again, my viewpoint is to buy it in bulk and get it during the drier weather so that I can handle all the *hassles* of re-packaging more easily thus enabling Thane to continue receiving this wonderful addition to his diet. Afterall, how could I turn my back on something that gave him so much that he was able to work so calmly, even paced for my actual needs, focused on the task at hand rather than trying to race through life like a freight train? How could I turn my back on how he walked with ease on the slippery tile floor instead of looking like he was trying to walk on ice wearing boots? How could I turn my back on a new-found patience as I rumbled around the produce department feeling all these new found pleasures before making up my mind which ones I'd like to bring home with us- all the while Thane just taking it in stride. The answer to all of this is that I can not turn my back on it- not on any of it because by giving Thane what he needs, he is much better able now to give me what I need. It only took me- ohhh 3 1/2 years to realize it. So I'm a little slow on the uptake eh? Thankfully I'm working and living with a very forgivable redhead.

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